Autumn Skincare Essentials

September is literally DAYS away (how has that happened?!), so what better way than to make sure your skin remains in its lovely, summer, glowy state, than to get prepared for the upcoming months!?

  1. Exfoliate

Especially if you’ve just come back from your holiday, your skin is bound to be peeling especially as the weather is turning cooler. Make sure to scrub away dead skin cells by using a good exfoliating scrub, not just on your face, but your body too! Here are a few of my favourites:


  1. Moisturise

Make sure you stay on top of moisturising! Although your skin may start to feel less dry because of the weather, if your skin is feeling dry, it produces more sebum, leading to more outbreaks! Here are two which I love!

  1. Lips

Chapped lips are about to become your worst enemy again! There’s nothing worse than not being able to wear your favourite lipsticks because your lips are cracking. Keep a lip balm in your handbag at all times!!! Here are some of the lip balms I’m loving atm: 



  1. Hands

Dry hands are a massive no from me! Keep your favourite hand cream on you at all times to keep your hands feeling fresh and moisturised! I always have one of these two in my handbags: 



  1. Overnight moisture

In the summer, I tend to avoid thick moisturisers overnight because it just feels far too hot! However in winter, there’s no better feeling than your skin feeling soft and plump after a hot bath and getting into bed! Thick moisturisers will leave you waking up with the smoothest skin and ready for the day ahead. Check out this one which I've been loving: 

Hopefully this helped some of you feel a little prepared for the colder months in regards to your skin!

See you next week!