Beat breakouts!

There is nothing worse than a breakout. Big or small, visible or invisible… we all (except a lucky few) get them, and we all hate them. And what’s worse is getting them RIGHT before a big event/important day! I thought I’d share a few products with you which I find to be really good for preventing and treating breakouts.

First up! Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

You may have heard of this from Kylie Jenner as this is also one of her go-to spot treatments! Like its name suggests, it works by drying out the spot. It’s great for those really obvious spots which are coming to a head. For me, I always find that it makes a huge difference if I apply the lotion at night, the next morning it’s always either gone or hardly visible!

Tea-Tree Oil

This has always been my go-to and always will be. Whether it’s using products that contain tea-tree, pure tea- tree oil or the Tea-Tree Oil Range by the Body Shop, I would recommend this massively to anyone with spot-prone skin. Not only is it natural, it has antiseptic and antibacterial properties! I use their Foaming Cleanser (a few times a week), Night Lotion (when my skin is feeling dehydrated) and Anti-Imperfection Night Mask (every single night). I have noticed a massive difference. If you’re using tea-tree by itself, make sure you dilute it first with water as it can be quite harsh on the skin.

Steam Room 

If I’ve got something coming up like my birthday or an event and my skin isn’t doing too good. I’ll try and use a steam room at the gym! Steam rooms are great because as your skin sweats, it cleanses your body and helps to unclog pores which in turn clears your skin and prevents breakouts! What’s also great is that it gives you a chance to ease your stress levels, stress being another cause of breakouts.

Face Mask

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am obsessed with Face Masks. They always make my skin feel fresh and on the road to recovery! At the moment I’m loving sheet masks because they’re so hydrating and easy to wear overnight but here are a mixture of my favourite masks.

- Fresh Sheet Mask by Urban Outfitters

- Sephora Pearl Mask by Sephora

- Warming Mineral Mask by The Body Shop

- Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Charcoal Mask by Boots

- GlamGlow Multimasking Kit by GlamGlow