Is exercise really good for the skin?

It's summer, we all want to be looking our best! So, here's one more way which can help you out! Not only is regular exercise beneficial for our mental health and general fitness, it is great for improving our skin. 


Ageing Skin

According to research, exercise can keep skin looking younger and can even reverse skin ageing in those who begin to exercise later in life. Say goodbye to sagging and wrinkles and hello to youthful looking skin!!


Exercise is one way of relieving stress, one of the biggest root causes of acne. By exercising, our blood circulation increases, in turn providing more oxygen to skin cells and carrying cell waste away. More nutrients are also delivered to skin cells which will be evident after regularly exercising. However, be sure to wash your face after exercise, as sweat can cause breakouts by irritating the skin! 

Inflamed Skin

Inflammation all over the body can be reduced through exercise. The nutrients which are delivered when exercising can also increase the skins production of collagen, another great anti-ageing tool!

Tired Skin

Exercise can greatly increase the amount of sleep we get. Not only can an intense workout leave you feeling in need of more recovery time, but exercise can sharpen the body’s sensitivity to cortisol (our stress hormone), in turn enhancing sleep. Sleep gives the body, and skin, more time to rejuvenate, leaving you looking fresh and healthy! This can also be great if you suffer from dark circles under your eyes!

So what are you waiting for!? Go for a run, renew that gym membership and feel great!