Reviews and Results

Hiya guys, 

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I thought that this week I'd show you all what difference BaseLift products can make for the skin. Derma Rollers, in conjunction with some of our other products, can really transform your skin. Below are a bunch of before an after images, demonstrating the results of derma rolling over a period of time, and some of our reviews customers send us on instagram!

This first image shows how derma rolling can help fade burns on the skin:

This next image shows how you can plump your lips by derma rolling:

Derma Rolling can help scarring and improve skin texture, as seen below:

This customer shot above, shows that even if you do have sensitive skin, using the 0.3mm derma roller consistently can retrieve just as good results as the 0.5mm derma roller. 

The customer below details some of the benefits which derma rolling can have: 

Check out the improvement made on some scarring a customer previously had!!!


Another few progress pictures: 


Hopefully you can see what a difference this makes for customers skin, but also their confidence!! We believe that everybody should feel comfortable in their own skin, and help others achieve whatever it is that this means for them!

Take a look at some of our reviews: 

Derma Rolling could be an alternative to colour correcting!! 



We love hearing your feedback and seeing results! Keep them coming and thank you to everyone who has left a review for us!