Skincare you have to try while binge-watching Love Island!

The time has come, the countdown is over… Love Island Season is finally here.
The stress, the laughter, and the tears are all about the begin, and how better to deal with all those emotions, than with some skincare?!
Here are a few Skincare Products to try while binge-watching Love Island:
Cookie Dough Lip Scrub from Lush
    If you love to snack whilst watching the drama unfold, why not try this Cookie Dough Lip Scrub from Lush. This product will polish your pout to absolute perfection with a combination of coarse granulated sugar and super-fine sea salt. Psst, also available in Bubble-Gum, Chocolate and even Carrot Cake flavour!
    24K Gold Collagen Mask from Baselift 
      The ultimate coupling! This face mask is made from plant collagen, which will gradually dissolve at body temperature, meaning if things get a bit heated on Love Island the face mask will permeate quickly into the skin, providing nutrients and moisture.
      Repairing Hand Glove Mask from Iroha Nature
        After a long day of waiting for another episode of Love Island a hand mask is well-deserved! This one reduces fine lines caused by dry skin while enjoying the delicious scent of peach on your hands, YUM!
        Cuticle Oil Plus from ORLY
        “OMG! Who will she choose to go on a date with?” There is nothing worse than biting your nails in front of the TV. Why not give your nails some island loving (sorry not sorry) with this cuticle oil enriched with a lush fragrance of orange blossom and wild cherry?
        These are just some of our must-try products this Love Island Season, make sure to come back soon for more skincare and gossip! x