Aisha | Consistency, trial and error and patience. Those are the key words to finding a skincare routine that works for you and your skin.


“Consistency, trial and error and patience. Those are the key words to finding a skincare routine that works for you and your skin."

Name: Aisha

Skin Concerns: Severe acne

Fave BaseLift products: Super Luminous Aloe and Rose Toner and new Brightening Booster Serum

Skincare routine: Aisha uses the Toner and Serum as part of her morning routine, the Retinol Cream at night time before bed, and the 0.5mm Derma Roller and Illuminating Rose Clay as part of her weekly skincare routine

Top tip: Take time to throughly massage products into your skin when applying them

Full time Teaching Assistant Aisha is passionate about sports. She loves football, kickboxing and everything sports related since a very young age. She attended a sports college and a sports university to fully immerse herself into the sports world she loves so much.

“As far as I remember, I had quite bad acne in Year 7 and as put on a Roaccutane treatment. My acne would come and go, bringing its load of acne scarring – specially on my left cheek, pimples and hyperpigmentation around my mouth and eyes.”

Aisha explains that when she stopped her treatment in Year 10, her acne came back more severe than before while she has desperately been trying to use different skincare products in the hopes of finding one that would work for her skin concerns.

“Back then, I would never leave the house without makeup, I had to have concealer on even if I was just going to the corner shop. Unfortunately for me, all of this makeup piling clogged my pores even more and affected my self-confidence and my self-esteem.”

Aisha has been using BaseLift products religiously for the last 6 months. She found out about them through the Instagram and recommendations of influencer Modest Street. She noticed her face brighten, her scars and hyper pigmentation around her mouth and eyes fading and lighten, until they completely vanished in the space of 1-3 months after she first started using BaseLift products.

“I have to admit, I am a little bit of a BaseLift junkie! The firs products I bought were the Retinol Cream and old BaseLift serum. I am not an everyday user of the Super Luminous Toner and I absolutely swear by the new Brightening Boost Serum. The Toner is so satisfying to use, because you literally see the leftover gunk it gets rid of when you use it, even after you cleansed your face! It is amazing! And where do I even start with the new Serum?! It is sooo good! Sooo milky and it makes my skin sooo smooth!”

Aisha also uses the retinol cream every other day at night time, the Toner and Serum are now essentials of her every day morning routine and the 0.5 derma roller and Illuminating Rose Clay Mask are integral parts of her weekly skincare routine.

“I have been eyeing the Green Tea and Neem Mud Mask and recently purchased my own! I am planning to alternate between this and my Pink Clay Mask.”

Aisha declares that she takes the time to massage the Serum and the Retinol Cream thoroughly into her skin whenever she applies them. It relaxes her and her skin, and allows her to make sure the products are properly absorbed after being dabbed onto her face and neck.

“Consistency, trial and error and patience. Those are the key words to finding a skincare routine that works for you and your skin. Do not get a new product and expect instant results, it takes time for both your skin and the product to get used to each other, once you found that brand or product that works, stick to it, regularly and wait for the magic to happen.”


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