Chloe | It is so important to not damage your skin and find out what your skin concerns are and what solutions are out there for them.


"It is so important to not damage your skin and find out what your skin concerns are and what solutions are out there for them."

Name: Chloe

Skin Concerns: Acne scars, allergic reactions to some skincare products which caused redness and blemishes

Fave BaseLift products: The GlowUp Kit

Skincare routine: Chloe uses the GlowUp Kit once a week

Top tip: Always sanitise your Derma Roller, straight on the roller’s head and not on your face. Chloe also likes a really thick Clay Mask consistency as according to her “it really gets to my pores when layered”

During lockdown we had a chat with 18-year-old student Chloe. Chloe studies childcare at college and can usually be found at Primark on weekends with her friends. She is currently working in a nursery to gain valuable experience for her future career. Chloe is a very interesting young lady and confided that she is obsessed with owls!

“It started when I was quite young!” she says laughing.

“I had an owl teddy which I used to take everywhere. Since then, my friends and family kept gifting me owl teddies and different little owls. I now have a collection of ‘owl everything and love them all! I think they are very interesting and intriguing animals.”

Chloe has been following her college lessons online since lockdown due to the Covid-19 global pandemic which she describes as being ‘difficult’ as it is a different and new routine.

“My teachers are very helpful and understanding, even if the workload feels heavier. Being an overthinker, I am trying to keep myself organised with lists and busy. Being an outgoing and social person, the lockdown can have draining effects but face-timing my friends help.”

Chloe suffered from acne scars after using a facewash product she picked up at a local skincare store. Unfortunately, her skin had an allergic reaction to the facewash. It went red, almost like a burn and caused her to have blemishes which were hard to get rid of.

“Imagine going from having no skin concerns whatsoever, to being ashamed of your own face. It impacted my self-esteem and made me so self-conscious to the point where I refused to leave the house without any concealer. I felt disgusting and constantly compared myself to people around me. It is hard to start new habits like wearing lots of makeup when you are not used to it. It really affected me mentally”

Chloe found out about BaseLift through one of her friends who is an influencer and user of BaseLift products.

“Her skin results were insane! And when I found out what brand and which products she had been using, I had to try! I ordered the GlowUp Kit and it helped so much! After a month only of consistent use, I am now so much better in my own skin and in my own head.”

For Chloe, every single product from the GlowUp Kit bring their own individual advantages to her skin. Combined, they are and have been for her the ideal bundle as a first step towards getting and feeling better.

“I use the Indian Eraser Clay Mask once a week, it really helped minimise my scars and even out my skin tone. The Derma Roller has been an absolute star when it came to getting rid of my marks and blemishes and the brightening serum oh my god! It makes my skin really pop and brighter. I have stuck to this routine weekly for the past month and a few days ago I have realised that all of my scars are almost gone! If you have skin concerns that are affecting you both physically and mentally, always try and opt for natural products. Trial and error are also a big deal but always always always patch test!! It is so important to not damage your skin and find out what your skin concerns are and what solutions are out there for them.”

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