Clara | People do not even notice or care about other people’s skin as much as we think they do!

Clara, animal biology student from Scotland:

“Do not feel pressured to wear makeup, there is no need to cover up who you are...”

Name: Clara

Skin Concerns: Since the age of 13, Clara suffered frombreakouts, acne, acne scars, and uneven skin tone

Fave BaseLift products: The Magic Eraser kit, which consists of the 0.5 derma roller and the Hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C serum

Skincare routine: Clara treats herself to a pamper skin night every two weeks where after making sure her face is cleaned and washed, she uses her BaseLift derma roller and serum

Top tip: Sterilisation is key when using a derma roller! Clara always uses a headband during her derma rolling sessions to make sure no hair and baby hair gets in the way.

In our new Transformation Diaries section, you can find our customers’ skin journeys using our products and how BaseLift literally changed their lives!

Today, introducing Scottish full time animal biology student Clara! Clara enjoys everything skincare; which she knows a great deal about, she loves the fashion and beauty industry, travelling and blogging. You can follow all of her adventures and skincare advices on her blog!!

“After years of breakouts, the skin on my face became quite textured and bumpy. When you’re a teenager going through such skin issues, it only knocks your confidence down even more. For years I wore tons of makeup to hide the way I looked and I even refused to go into certain lights!”

Clara then discovered derma rolling and all the goodness packed within the BaseLift Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C serum! “I found out about BaseLift online, via their website and Instagram page, and I am really happy I did” Clara has been using BaseLift products for 3-4 months now and started noticing drastic changes only a few weeks after she first started using her Magic Eraser Kit. She noticed how her skin was absorbing her skin care products a lot better, and how her red marks and pigmentation issues were fading.

“I feel like both the 0.5 BaseLift Derma Roller and serum are so practical to use as home treatments. Not only have they been very effective in tackling my skin concerns, but they are also painless and you can literally feel the change! I would advise anyone with similar skin concerns to mine to buy a BaseLift derma roller!” 

For Clara, anyone struggling with self-esteem, confidence and skin concerns should start by embracing their skin type.

“Do not feel pressured to wear makeup, there is no need to cover up who you are as you will soon realise that people don’t actually care about the way you look and do not even notice other people’s skin as much as we think they do!”

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