Aysha | Young mums, you are not alone!!

Aysha- 30 year old young mum says:  

“Young mums, you are not alone!! Skin issues happen to more pregnant women than you can imagine and there are solutions out there that not only bring positive results but can also improve your post-pregnancy skin concerns. 

Name: Aysha 
Skin concerns: Dry skin, hyperpigmentation around T-Zone, lips and chin 
Fave Baselift products: GlowUp Kit, BaseLift Hyaluronic and Vitamin C serum 
Skincare routine: Aysha tries to find an hour and 30 minutes every week to take care of her skin, relax and make the most of her ‘me-time’ being a young mum. With her BaseLift GlowUp she uses cotton pads soaked in rosewater or cucumber slices for her tired eyes.  
Top tip: Aysha swears by natural products and ingredients which she includes in her BaseLift skincare routine; ‘the best remedy, is your food cupboards and fridge’ she says. She uses sliced potatoes for dark and puffy undereyes. 


Welcome back to our Transformation Diaries interviews! We had a loooong and very insightful chat with Aysha, a dynamic new mom who told us about her skin care journey with BaseLift. 

Aysha is a 30-year-old qualified criminologist, who describes herself as a lady of leisure. Mother of a 1-year old toddler, she left a busy work environment for another busy environment, that of being a full-time mum and housewife. This foodie, and Bollywood and bhangra dance amateur now organises her life around that of her little boy. 

“I usually wait for his naps to take care of my skin, and I try to keep a consistent pampering session on Thursdays or Fridays when my hubby is back early from work. He looks after our little one, whilst I get ready for my well-deserved weekly pampering and relaxing session.” 

Aysha’s skin issues only started after her pregnancy. She describes her labour as being quite traumatic as she had to have a blood transfusion due to a blood infection. The antibiotics she was given after this strenuous medical procedure really took a toll on her skin.  

The bubbly foodie who loved going on dates with her husband slowly changed into an introvert ‘nights in, takeaway and netflix’ kind of person. Not that it’s a bad thing, but it just was not who she was. 

“I became very self-conscious about my appearance and did not feel comfortable to be out in public. My skin became hyper pigmented, with uneven tones. It easily cracked and dried out whenever I tried to put make up on – the discolouration on my face made everything look blotchy. I tried using all kinds of moisturisers, serums and natural oils. Nothing seemed to work. This really affected my self-confidence.” 

Aysha discovered Baselift products through her sister in law and makeup artist YSR whose work she follows on social media. After using the BaseLift serum for the first time, she admits to seeing the difference on her skin straight away. A couple of days after using the GlowUp Kit, she noticed that she had brighter and plumper skin! 

“My husband, friends and family have all noticed the difference and I get compliments whenever I do a full face of makeup for special occasions now – after having done a BaseLift skincare routine of course!” she declares laughing! 
“I have been using BaseLift products consistently for 2 months now, and I feel light, proud and confident to be able to go out for walks anywhere with my little boy barefaced! I use less foundation, no more green or orange concealers and I feel good in my own skin. Thank you BaseLift!” 

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