Hanna | I was a bit apprehensive about the derma roller for example, but it is now one of my favourite skincare tools.


“I was a bit apprehensive about the derma roller for example, but it is now one of my favourite skincare tools."

Name: Hanna

Skin concerns: Skin reaction causing redness, rashes, indentation, and bumps

Fave Baselift products: Illuminating Rose Clay and the Brightening Booster Serum (new and improved formula)

Skincare routine: Hanna uses the Illuminating Rose Clay Mask once a week usually on a Sunday to prep her skin for the coming week. She derma rolls every other week and uses the serum every night before bed

Top tip: Hanna sometimes mixes the Brightening Boost Serum with her moisturiser – ‘one drop goes a long way’

This week we had a chat with trainee nurse in cardia, Hanna. Hanna works full time is passionate about dermatology care, cardiology and skincare. When it comes to her personal development and career, she tries to research and incorporate all three of these. Despite her busy schedule, Hanna started posting skincare advice on her Instagram to help her followers with skin concerns and issues.

“My followers would direct their friends towards me and I would help them find solutions for their skin concerns. It all picked up and I eventually had to create a separate skincare highlight. I really enjoy helping people out, and do this as a hobby on the side.”

Hanna confides that her skincare woes started after a skin reaction to a brand which did not suit her skin.

“It caused me to develop textured skin, red rashes, bumps and redness! I had never reacted to any product before and being in and out of the hospital in different temperatures non-stop only made my skin’s condition worse. It really took a toll on my self-esteem as I had to deal with patients on a face to face basis every day and having them see the state of my face made me very anxious and insecure.”

This is when Hanna found out about BaseLift through reviews and being an Instagram influencer.

“The Illuminating Rose Clay was the answer to my prayers! It really helped my skin calm down in terms of redness and rashes, it is soothing and helps me prep my skin for the week to come every Sunday! My skin bumps completely disappeared within 3 weeks of use. The new Serum has also been an absolute star in keeping my face fresh and hydrated, especially at work. My face used to go very red and dry but since I started using the serum, my oil levels have been under control!”

Hanna has been using BaseLift products for the past two months and recommends to properly research products, and know your skin and its needs before starting a new routine.

“I was a bit apprehensive about the derma roller for example, but it is now one of my favourite skincare tools. It has helped so much with smoothing my skin, and helping my indentation issues. I researched everything I could about it before using it. I would advise a first-time user to pace themselves, to be careful and take the time getting to know how exactly to use the roller and patch test! Patch test always! If you react to a certain product, stop using it completely before causing more harm to your skin, take allergy tablets, use products which suit your skin type and skin concerns.”


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