Riiza | BaseLift’s Indian Eraser Clay clears and cleanses my pores like there’s no tomorrow!

Riiza, science student:

“BaseLift’s Indian Eraser Clay clears and cleanses my pores like there’s no tomorrow…”

Name: Riiza

Skin Concerns: Active acne, oily skin

Fave BaseLift products: Indian Eraser Clay

Skincare routine: Riiza believes that using less but effective skin care products definitely lead to changes and improving skin concerns

Top Tip: Do not over do it and overuse expensive products which might not be adequate for your skin. The solution is to find what works for you, and to be consistent with it.

In our new Transformation Diaries section, you can find our customers’ journeys towards healthier skin thanks to BaseLift products! 

Riiza is a full-time science student with a part time retail job. Her busy schedule still allows her to enjoy the gym, and socialising with her besties. Riiza has suffered from active acne for over 6 years.

“I tried tablets, creams – but none of these seemed to permanently work on my skin, the active acne kept coming and going! I then discovered BaseLift’s Indian Eraser Clay and realised that nothing draws the dirt out of my skin and clears my pores like there is no tomorrow; like this organic product!”

Riiza confided that BaseLift’s Indian Eraser Clay helped her build her self-confidence and even encouraged her to go out without wearing any makeup.

“It is a relief to be able to do such a thing, to have the choice! And not feel like I am trying to hide my own skin. I make sure I consistently treat myself to a clay mask session two to three times a week because of my overly oily skin type and depending on my time table and on my make-up routine.”

She found out about BaseLift products via Instagram and beauty bloggers and decided to try the BaseLift Indian Eraser Clay as it is the ideal product to help prevent and clear acne. Riiza started using the clay mask two years ago and witnessed changes in her skin and acne condition after 3-4 consistent mask applications. Riiza is also firm believer of less being more when it comes to skincare.

“Consistency and simplicity are key words when it comes to skincare for me. All you need are minimal products (face wash, scrub, moisturiser) that suit your skin type, and you only have to stick to using them consistently. For example, I found out that rose water really helps with my oily skin, and this is what I mix my Indian Eraser Clay with.”

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