“My skin looked healthier, brighter, and tighter!"

Marukh's search for permanent, not temporary, skincare solutions.

Retinol Night Cream
Skin Concerns : acne | breakouts
“My skin looked healthier, brighter, and tighter!

Name: Marukh
Skin Concerns: 
Acne | Breakouts | Scarring
Favourite Products: 
Bentonite Eraser Clay, Brightening Serum & Retinol Night Cream

“Try not to overthink other people’s opinions about the appearance of your skin. It is easy to get frustrated when the results you want to achieve take time, just be patient and try BaseLift!”

Transformation Diaries is back and introducing Mahrukh!

Proud mum of Panda, Rhino, and Amber (her beloved cats), Mahrukh works with her husband and enjoys drawing when she is not looking after or playing with her fur babies. When it came to acne breakouts during her teens, Mahrukh was a late bloomer. She states:

“It was very hard to deal with because my bad acne decided to show up when all my friends had already had theirs! My self-confidence dropped massively and I was always piling makeup on my face to try and hide it- and I do not enjoy wearing makeup! Imagine how bad it got, I could not bring myself to leave the house or even go to the corner shop if I did not have makeup on!”

Prior to using BaseLift products, Mahrukh tried everything from micro dermabrasion to dermatological products. She noticed that some solutions would work temporarily before making the condition of her skin worse. She found out about BaseLift products via Snapchat, thanks to bloggers using and talking about our products.

“I noticed the difference in my skin straight away, and I was shocked. I am not saying my acne and scars vanished overnight, but my skin looked healthier, brighter and tighter. After 3-4 weeks I noticed that my fine lines and dark under eyes had improved thanks to the Retinol Cream. I was pleasantly surprised that none of BaseLift’s products affected my eczema!”

Mahrukh has been using our products since December 2018, and decided to stick solely to BaseLift to achieve the pimple-free skin she has always wanted. Her skin has never looked healthier, and gone are the days of flaring up, horrendous breakouts and wasting lots of money on temporary fixtures. Mahrukh reckons her oily t-zone is now under control thanks to the Bentonite Oil-Eraser Clay! She ends by saying:

“We tend to be overly self-critical, but rest assured what you can see and might not like about your appearance, others will not even notice. Try not to overthink other people’s opinions about the appearance of your skin. It is easy to get frustrated when the results you want to achieve take time, just be patient and try BaseLift!”

Top Tip: Marukh always applies extra serum and cream on her under eye area and massages the products into her skin with her fingertips.


  • Aayesha

    This serum is literally my favourite. I have suffered with acne for quite a while and have been using a lot of products to try get rid of some of my acne. This serum is by far the best thing I have used, my acne marks are way less lighter than they used to be. My face looks so much brighter and cleaner and I am so glad I tried this out. Would 100% buy again once mine has finished!

  • Nagina kausar

    My face is dry I want to know whats good for my skin

  • A

    What will help active acne and acne scaring?

  • Maisha rahman

    Hey I was wondering if these products would help with scars that have been left behind after mosquito bites when I came back from holiday also have some dark spots on my back, chest, shoulders and etc any advice on how to cure my skin condition x

  • Khadija

    Hello i suffer from scars and weird dark spots/circles around my mouth. Would love to hear if anyone has used it.

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