Naimah | It takes a bit of trial and error but for every skin concern there is a solution out there!

Naimah, office assistant manager from Kenya: 

"It takes a bit of trial and error but for every skin concern, there is a solution out there!"

Name: Naimah

Skin Concerns: Naimah suffered from stress acne for almost 14 years, skin prone to marks and blemishes

Fave BaseLift products: BaseLift’s Retinol cream is Naimah’s abosolute favorite BaseLift product, but she also swears by our GlowUp Kit

Skincare routine: Religiously uses the BaseLift Retinol cream every night, the Indian Eraser clay once a week and the 0.5 derma roller twice a month

Top tip: Naimah mixes her Indian Eraser Clay mask with milk as she has super sensitive skin.

We had our first international Transformation Diaries chat with Naimah who got in touch with us, all the way from Kenya! We had a long and deep chat with office assistant manager Naimah who enjoys travelling, socialising and meeting with new people from different walks of life.

Naimah describes herself as an introvert who used to find it hard to connect and make eye contact with others when she was struggling with confidence issues because of her acne.

“I used to be quite shy and would find it very hard to interact with people who would constantly be pointing out my skin concerns and appearance. I suffer from breakouts due to stress and tried different dermatologists, medications but never managed to find a permanent solution.”

Naimah found out about BaseLift products via Instagram which pushed her to thoroughly research derma rolling. Having been on both Roaccutane and micro needling treatments, Naimah waited for about 8 months before trying out BaseLift products with the approval of her dermatologist.

“I have been using BaseLift products for 5 months approximately now. I am in love with the Retinol cream which I use every single night. I also apply the serum twice a month after the BaseLift derma roller as well as the Indian Eraser Clay which I use once a week.”
“I was so shocked with the instant results! I love the feeling of the clay on my skin, I can literally feel it work its magic and tighten my skin! The size of the pores on my cheeks have drastically reduced and people around me have noticed the change too!”

Naimah now gets comments about how dewy and glow-y her skin looks. She laughs by stating that she was so happy with the results after using BaseLift products that she recommended them to everyone she knows, and:

“Even my boss’s wife uses them now!”

She ends by saying:

“It takes a bit of trial and error but for every skin concern there is a solution out there, BaseLift is the one for me!”


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