Anonymous | Be patient & go for the BaseLift Derma Roller!

Wishes to remain anonymous - Is a stay at home mum of twins:

"Be patient and go for the BaseLift Derma Roller!"

Name: Anonymous 

Skin Concerns:  Always had acne which flared up after she gave birth to her twins which left her with acne marks and blemishes

Fave BaseLift products: Retinol cream and 0.5 BaseLift Derma Roller

Skincare routine:  Uses her BaseLift products in the evenings only, and usually has a pampering session every two weeks when she uses her derma roller

Top tip: Evening BaseLift pampering sessions before bedtime to give your skin the time it needs to recover and “get yourselves a BaseLift derma roller!”

In our new Transformation Diaries section, you can find our customers’ skin journeys using our products and how BaseLift literally changed their lives!

This week, we had a chat with a stay at home mom of twins who kindly shared her BaseLift experience with us.

“I always had acne, but it got worse and turned into after pregnancy adult acne after I gave birth to my baby boys due to the medication I was on.”

Her flared up acne left her with a lot of acne marks and blemishes on her cheeks, neck underneath her ears and on her forehead.

Before using BaseLift, I was very frustrated with my acne scars issues. I tried countless creams and nothing seemed to work for me.”

She found out about BaseLift on Instagram and decided to try our 0.5 derma rolling treatment to tackle her marks. She uses the BaseLift retinol cream to unclog her pores and this product helpedher derma rolling treatmentby drastically fading her marks and blemishestoo. She also uses the retinol cream as a night time make up primer which she feels ‘sets makeup perfectly’.

She been using BaseLift products for almost 6 months now and was pleasantly surprised whenshe noticed her acne scarring fadingafter a few uses only!

“After a month and a half of using the BaseLift derma roller and cream,I was so happy with the results that I recommended BaseLift products to all my family members! It’s not an easy journey, and seeing actual results can take time and be very frustrating, but be patient and get yourselves a BaseLift derma roller!” she concludes laughing.


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