Awais | Less is always more when it comes to skin!

Awais- 20 year aspiring accountant from Bradford:

“Less is always more when it comes to skin! Consistency as well as trial and error are also essential.”

Name: Awais
Skin Concerns: Acne prone skin, indentation on cheeks, acne scars and blemishes
Fave BaseLift products: Derma roller for its practicality, quick results, effectiveness and how easy it is to use
Skincare routine: Awais moisturises his skin both during the day, and before bed. He sprays rosewater on his face every morning to refresh and gently wake his skin up
Top tip: Awais sprays (spray – do not rub in) rosewater on his face before and after derma rolling. He also moisturises his skin straight away after a derma rolling session which he usually does before bed.

Drumroll and a round of applause to the first gentleman who got in touch with us to be part of our Transformation Diaries! Awais is a 20-year-old future accountant from Bradford who loves reading and going out for walks.

It was whilst on a trip to Pakistan two years ago that he realised he urgently needed to find a solution for his acne.
“I was never the self-conscious type, but family members I had not seen in years would say things like ‘What happened to your skin? What happened to your face?’ Everything changed at this point and my acne became an issue I urgently wanted to sort out.”
Awais suffered from acne which created acne scars and indentation on his face. He tried various treatments from dermatologists and nothing seemed to be suitable for his skin. He found out about BaseLift products via various social media platforms and decided to give them a try.
“2 to 3 months after starting to use BaseLift products, I saw a drastic change and improvement in my skin. I have been using BaseLift products for a good 6 months now – mostly the derma roller and the eye masks, and I could not be more confident and comfortable in my own skin!”
Awais makes sure to moisturise his face day and night. His go to natural product is rosewater which he sprays on his face every morning and also before and after his derma rolling sessions. Rose water has cooling, soothing as well as moisturising properties which benefit all skin types. Awais also alternates between the BaseLift retinol cream at night and the BaseLift collagen eye masks during the day time to relax and refresh his under eyes.
“Acne is a huge issue for a lot of people but I think the trick is to try not to go overboard with products. Less is always more when it comes to skin and consistency as well as trial and error are essential. It is about finding what works for you and sticking to it at least for a couple of months to be able to notice a difference or not.”

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  • Minaah

    Ordered the Indian Eraser Clay a few days ago, received it yesterday and used it today for the first time and noticed a change immediately. My skin looked brighter and it cleansed it so well. It also felt smoother. Hope it sorts out my oily, acne prone skin!

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