Ummrana | Remember to take that break from the world to show some love to yourself


"Remember to take that break from the world to show some love to yourself"

Name: Ummrana

Skin Concerns: rosacea, eczema, sensitive skin with dry patches

Fave BaseLift products: Indian Eraser Clay

Skincare routine: Clay mask once a week

Top tip: Ummrana does not put too much water in her mask mix, and usually gradually adds a few drops of water only. She avoids Apple Cider Vinegar and uses warm water

We absolutely loved our very deep and compassionate chat with Ummrana. This happily married 44-year-old mum of 5 fearlessly talked to us about her insecurities, her mental health, her principles and her passion for social and community work.

Women like Ummrana are absolute examples of resilience and genuineness when it comes to taking a stance towards what they believe it. She was unfortunately made redundant recently which is even more stressful and terrifying during a global pandemic but she is actively looking for a new job ideally in a position where she would be able to “work for or help the NHS”.

“This year has not been the easiest one for me. I have been through a lot of traumatic experiences; the loss of my mum, my job, the Corona Virus. It has all been emotionally very challenging by my family has been so supportive through this process. My children make me so proud, 2 of them are studying health, we have a pharmacist, a dental nurse and a future paramedic in the family. I like to think this is our very own way of giving back to the NHS.”

Despite having had a full-time job, 5 children and being a wife and a woman, Ummrana still finds the time to help the community and what she calls “giving voices to minorities”. She juggles between different community projects (@_thebameproject_), an Instagram henna ( account she manages with one of her daughters, and all the other aspects of her woman life.

Ummrana’s BAME community project which involves people of different cultures and backgrounds coming together to either have coffee, learn about hate crime through different workshops or benefit from free beauty treatments. This project has been maintained virtually on Zoom throughout lockdown and has helped everyone involved to share their various experiences and just enjoy a chat with other people.

The very generous lady, who used to have regular facials at beauticians had always suffered from rosacea, which is is a common skin condition that causes redness and visible blood vessels in your face, for over 20 years. Ummrana also suffers from eczema which is a condition where patches of skin become inflamed, itchy, red, cracked, and rough.

“I have always had sensitive combination skin and dry patches for as long as I can remember. I have tried ‘branded products’ to sort those skin concerns out, and they do work but NOT LIKE BaseLift!” she exclaimed over the phone.

“My skin concerns have made me depressed, embarrassed, less social, and not confident. Since I started using BaseLift, it has perked me up and made me feel so much better! The products work and work so well! I now feel confident and I enjoy looking at myself in the mirror to see my glow!” she laughs.

Having combination skin, Ummrana went for the Indian Eraser Clay after one of her daughter’s friends told her about BaseLift.

“I checked the reviews, did my research in terms of skin concerns and finding out which product would suit me best. You would not believe me, but I have only been using it for a week and I noticed and felt the change in my skin instantly. It is now so soft; I am sometimes scared to touch it!”

Ummrana now enjoys pampering sessions with her daughters who also use the Indian Eraser Clay. She believes that having a good healthy ‘base’ will eventually lead to smooth make up application, but also confidence to bare a face free of makeup. Tuesdays have now become BaseLift Tuesdays in her home, where Ummrana takes a break from the world, puts her mask on, and sits with a book for thirty minutes.

“I am planning to ditch all the skincare products I own to completely switch to BaseLift. For anyone who are struggling with skin concerns impacting their lives and mental health; be patient with yourself. Take all the time you need to heal, life goes on, but remember to take that break from the world to show some love to yourself. You need that me-time to be able to carry on.”


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