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derma mouse


This product is Tuxedo Blue- Our most intense products, great for stubborn marks and scars, not recommended for sensitive skin. 

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Baselift body Derma mouse in 0.75

Designed to tackle textural issues like cellulite and stretch marks, the BaseLift Derma mouse provides the same skin regenerating benefits of an in-clinic dermaroller treatment at home.

Shaped to easily fit into the palm of one hand, this body Dermaroller contains three roller heads that are each packed with around 480 tiny needles which create minuscule tunnels in the surface of the skin, to aid the penetration of any serum or lotion applied afterwards. The act of creating tunnels in the top layers of skin also triggers the synthesis of collagen, correcting uneven texture and firming slackness, making this an ideal treatment to use to perfect skin on the tummy post-pregnancy.

Suitable for most skin types, this device can be used up to three times a week. Do not use on broken skin, eczema patches or on sensitive areas. Always clean the device after use and store in the included case.

Ensure that the skin is clean and dry before use. Then, working in one area of the body at a time, gently push the BaseLift Derma Mouse over the skin. Go over the same area multiple times in different directions. Once the area has been covered, apply a serum or lotion onto the skin.

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