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Get that perfect pout! Both products come in hand in hand to help plump and rejuvenate lips to get a fuller looking moist lips!! 
This set comes with one of our rollers (colors can vary 0.5mm) and the Lip moisture mask.  
This bundle is:
- Pastel Green- effective for hydrating, good for dry skin, and perfect to apply before makeup to give that dewy finish!
- Blushing Rose- effective in rejuvenating skin, producing collagen, better for sensitive skin, can remove marks and scars but will take slightly longer
  • Recommended for most people who want to revitalize,brighten, and re texture their lip surface. Can be used on Body or Face.  Use Once every 1-2 weeks
  • Use the BaseLift once every 2 weeks. You want to give your skin enough time to recover before doing another session with the derma roller 
  • The Crystal Collagen Lip mask softens your lips, exfoliates, repairs your lips and refines Aging by cell regenerating

    Do not use the BaseLift Derma Roller over active acne and do not exfoliate right after using the BaseLift Derma Roller. Avoid sun exposure or wear sunscreen the next day. 

    Do not use while on Accutane. Consult with your dermatologist before use if using a prescription acne medication or cream


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