GLOWUP SKIN - Acne & Scar Removal Bundle

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Clay Mask:

0.5mm Derma Roller:


The Indian Eraser Clay mask CAN be used on top Acne and has had 100's of positive results in eliminating acne!

The 0.5mm roller and serum combined work effectively in demolishing acne scars and refreshing skin as they initiate collagen production. Please note, the roller should not be used on active acne but only on the marks which remain. 

This pack has been made specifically for those with active acne, and those who wish to get a major refresh of their skin as its contains our more intense products.

This also couples well with the BaseLift Retional Hydrating Cream, which alone is also effective on marks and scars and works really well as a radiance booster due to all the vitamins packed in! 

This product is :

Pastel Green means this product is hydrating, good for dry skin and perfect to apply before makeup to give that dewy finish

Dusty Mauve- our most popular products, are effective with marks, scars and brightening skin. Perfect for skin connection, modestly intense without being unbearable.

Tuxedo Blue- Our most intense products, great for stubborn marks and scars, not recommended for sensitive skin

*colors of 0.5 Derma Roller may vary between Auric and Sterling - depending on what we have in stock.

*image for illustration purposes only

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