BaseLift Radiance Booster Retinol Cream with Hyaluronic, Vit E & Jojoba Oil (RBRC)

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Hydration Range, expressed by the aqua packagingĀ 

Pastel Green means this product is hydrating, good for dry skin and perfect to apply before makeup to give that dewy finish

The BaseLift RBRC stimulates the production of new skin cells by increasing collagen growth. Additionally as it is packed with vitamins it helps to fade dark spots, uneven skin tone caused by hyperpigmentation, hormonal changes, fine lines and blemish scars. Our formula is super hydrating and moisturising, making it the perfect base for makeup!Ā 


Use once a day as a day cream on freshly cleansed skin.

This product isĀ Dusty Mauve- our most popular products, are effective with marks, scars and brightening skin. Perfect for skin connection, modestly intense without being unbearable

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