Illuminating Rose Brightening Boost Bundle

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Pink BB Bundle | 

You like the BB bundle? You’re gonna LOVE its PINK sis!

What is it: Same as everyone’s favourite BB Bundle BUT PINK! The Ultimate skin correction bundle, ideal for dry skin types.

Rose Clay:

Retinol Cream:

0.5 Derma Roller:


Tackles: Hyperpigmentation | Acne scars and marks |  | Dull skin | Dark spots | Clogged Pores | Uneven skin tone

Top Tip: For best results, use the whole of your Pink BB Bundle once a week or once every two weeks if you have sensitive skin as part of your night time routine. 

Disclaimer: Carry out a patch test prior to using any of the BaseLift products. If you don’t, please be aware that you are using these entirely at your own risk. For further information take a look at our full disclaimer section by clicking here. 

*colors of 0.5 Derma Roller may vary between Auric and Sterling - depending on what we have in stock.

*image for illustration purposes only*