"BaseLift has fixed all of my problems in such a short time!"

Abbie's amazing product combo to clear breakouts!

Niacinamide Serum & Sea Moss Moisturiser

Name: Abbie
Skin Concerns: 
Breakouts | Scarring
Favourite Product: 
Niacinamide Serum

Morning Routine: Rose Toner, Niacinamide Serum, Eye Cream & Sea Moss Gel Moisturiser
Evening Routine:
Purifying Face Wash & Retinol Night Cream
Weekly Routine:
Radiance Renewal Mask

Top Tip: "Try the Niacinamide Serum and Sea Moss Gel Moisturiser if you struggle with oily skin and frequent breakouts!" 

In this edition of Transformation Diaries, we speak to our newest team member Abbie! After initially meeting at a TikTok event and gifting her some products, the results she experienced after trying them were incredible and she soon joined our team!

"The first BaseLift product I ever used was the Glycolic Acid and Watermelon Radiance Renewal Mask and it left me amazed. My skin had never felt so hydrated and bright, I was so excited to use this face mask weekly as well as trying out my other BaseLift products."

We asked Abbie to describe her skin before discovering BaseLift, and the skin concerns she had been experiencing:

"I had breakouts that got worse over several months, and was left with lots of scars and redness around my cheeks. This really knocked my confidence and it made me feel uncomfortable to leave the house with no makeup. Although, even when I wore make, it didn’t sit right on my face. I would constantly be looking at my skin and feeling off with the way it appeared!"

Unfortunately breakouts can sometimes occur all of a sudden, depending on many things including hormones and diet. But it's important for us to remember how common this is, and absolutely normal. Skin texture is real skin!

"It has only been just over 2 months since using BaseLift products and I have noticed such a huge difference. I have been on the search for products that can help my skin, and BaseLift has fixed all of my problems in such a short time! I started to notice an amazing transformation in just two weeks. The amount of breakouts reduced, my scars were fading, and my skin started to look extremely healthy."

We are so happy to see the power of natural and effective skincare has helped Abbie's skin so much! At the TikTok event, our team were able to discuss Abbie's skin concerns with her and create a personalised routine which may have contributed towards her fast results. Anyone is able to do this through the quiz on our website, or simply by dropping us a message describing your skin type/concerns and asking for a recommended routine!

"I believe it's the Niacinamide Serum and Sea Moss Moisturiser that has transformed my skin. It has completely reduced my breakouts and cleared up any scars I had on my face. I am so amazed and will continue to rave about these two products to everyone I know!"

Niacinamide is an incredible ingredient for breakouts. It helps to control the skin's natural oil production which helps to prevent clogged pores which leads to breakouts. Our Sea Moss Gel Moisturiser is also designed for oily and breakout-prone skin, as it is doesn't contain any oils that will leave the skin feeling greasy.

Finally, we asked Abbie to round up our conversation with some general skincare tips that people should be applying in their routine when using BaseLift products:

"The best skincare tip I have learnt is to have a towel just for your face, and make sure it's washed frequently. Before I used to just use any towel to dry my face, and now I believe that has a massive impact into damaged skin. Also, I have learnt to wet your face with warm water to open the pores. Then, when finished cleansing, use cold water to wash it off. Finally, but most definitely, I aim to drink so much water throughout the day. Drinking water has such a huge impact on your skin and I have definitely noticed a massive difference since doing this."

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