Transformation Diaries

Name: Mahrukh

Skin concerns: Acne, acne scars

Fave Baselift products: Baselift’s BB bundle

Skincare routine: Mahrukh uses the BaseLift hyaluronic acid serum every day and the rest of her BB bundle once every week

Top tip: She always applies extra serum and cream on her under eye area and massages the products into her skin with her fingertips. Mahrukh also uses the Indian Eraser Clay Mask with milk instead of water, and she finds that it helps with the itchiness of her eczema

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Name: Yashfien

Skin Concerns: Acne marks, pimples, hyperpigmentation

Fave BaseLift products: Indian Eraser Clay

Skincare routine: Twice a week, Yashfien uses the Indian Eraser Clay depending on the state of her skin. Once a week she also uses the 0.5mm BaseLift derma roller before bed

Top tip: Yashfien mixes her clay mask with rose water which she feels refreshes and brightens her skin

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Name: Sahibah

Skin Concerns: Deep acne scars and marks due to a bad habit of skin and pimple picking

Fave BaseLift products: The BaseLift Magic Eraser Kit

Skincare routine: Sahibah uses the Magic Eraser kit once every week and the BaseLift serum is now an essential part of her daily skincare routine

Top tip: Lots and lots of research about one’s skin concerns to be able to make the necessary changes when it comes to a skincare routine and talking to a skin specialist can only be helpful!

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Name: Riiza

Skin Concerns: Active acne, oily skin

Fave BaseLift products: Indian Eraser Clay

Skincare routine: Riiza believes that using less but effective skin care products definitely lead to changes and improving skin concerns

Top Tip: Do not over do it and overuse expensive products which might not be adequate for your skin. The solution is to find what works for you, and to be consistent with it.

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Name: Wishes to remain anonymous

Skin Concerns:  She always had acne which flared up after she gave birth to her twins which left her with acne marks and blemishes

Fave BaseLift products: Retinol cream and 0.5 BaseLift Derma Roller

Skincare routine:  She uses her BaseLift products in the evenings only, and usually has a pampering session every two weeks when she uses her derma roller

Top tip: Evening BaseLift pampering sessions before bedtime to give your skin the time it needs to recover and “get yourselves a BaseLift derma roller!”

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