"I noticed thicker hair after the first use!"

Top tips on using our Hair Oil for regrowth!

Rosemary Hair Oil
Skin Concerns : hair thinning

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Rosemary & Amla Hair Oil

Top Tip: "Make sure you use it consistently, don't just use it once and then give up!" 

This week we spoke to a lovely long-term customer of ours who wished to remain anonymous on our website. She has been a consistent user of BaseLift products for 4-5 years, so she has been with us since the start!

"I already followed BaseLift on social media - I'd been using their skincare for years! Then they came out with a Hair Oil so I thought I'd give it a try..."

She explains to us that due to having three children and being anaemic, her hair was thinning a lot and becoming weak, to the point where she was actually balding.

"I wanted to strengthen my hair but everything I was using was failing. I even took loads of multivitamin tablets but they didn’t work, I felt really down that my hair was thinning away. Then I saw BaseLift had released a Hair Oil!"

It can be so demotivating when everything you are trying isn't working. But we commend her for pushing on and continuing to trial different methods and find something that works for her, as everyone's hair and skin is different!

"I've been using the hair oil for 3-4 months now. But I actually noticed changes from the first use - after washing my hair, it felt thicker and stronger already."

Rosemary and Amla Oil can absolutely have an immediate impact for hair health- the nutrients coat the hairs to provide moisture and strengthen the hair shaft. But of course for hair growth/regrowth, the results will take longer and consistent use is required.

"I know you're not meant to, but I actually keep the Hair Oil on for 2-3 hours before washing it out! It advises up to an hour on the product label, but I find that the results are better when I leave it in for a bit longer. I use it in the evenings twice per week, and used it like this continually for a month to see these results."

While we provide guidance on how to use the products, she is totally right that you may find a different way to use them that works better for you. Using the Hair Oil for 2-3 hours is totally safe and may be more beneficial for dry hair, but we would advise always washing it out before you go to sleep to avoid breakage during the night.

"The hair oil is amazing. Everything about it! There is a strong smell to it, but don't be put off because it's from all the natural good ingredients inside and has not given me any irritation or negative effects."

"I trust you guys and all the products from BaseLift! People always tell me I look 10 years younger, I can see results from everything I use from BaseLift. The ingredients are… wow!"

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