"The first ever product that gave me glass skin..."

Student nurse Farah's struggle with acne and finding a long-term solution...

Brightening Serum

Name: Farah
Skin Concerns: 
Acne | Pores | Texture | Redness
Favourite Product: 
Brightening Serum

Daily Routine: Brightening Serum & Turmeric Serum
Weekly Routine:
 Illuminating Rose Clay or Bentonite Clay Mask


Transformation Diaries is back! This week, we are introducing student nurse Farah and her skincare journey with BaseLift products...

Farah has just recently turned 22, and has been studying nursing for the past three years. She is excited to be graduating this September to begin her career! Although her main passion is her career, Farah also loves anything creative and spends her spare time baking cakes and other sweet treats.

"I definitely have more of a sweet tooth; I will take dessert over savoury any day... which is not great for my skin!" Farah confides laughing.

Farah had suffered from acne-prone skin and enlarged pores ever since she was 14, and her skin had not changed or improved since then. The stress she experienced with working as a student nurse during Covid certainly didn't help...

"My face mask was always a cover for me to hide my skin at work. Even sitting in staff rooms and thinking- I need to take off my mask to eat- I just couldn't do it! So there were times where I wasn't eating, I was dehydrated and hungry, and not working to my best potential."

Farah had tried using so many antibiotics and creams that had been prescribed to her. They worked temporarily, but their effects didn't last long-term and she would always break out so much worse afterwards. People told her that with age it will go, so she lost hope in all products and decided it would just be a matter of waiting.

"Before BaseLift, I couldn't remember the last time I had seen my skin even remotely clear. You lose hope because you think- I'm even seeing medical professionals for help and using prescriptions, if that's not working then I don't think anything could!"

One day, Farah noticed some influencers posting about BaseLift products on Instagram. She then stumbled across the Transformation Diaries blog on our website which convinced her to take the leap of faith. What an amazing full circle: from being inspired by our blog, to starring in the blog herself!

 "The first and only product I bought was the Brightening Serum. My breakouts started to fade after a month of using, but it only took a week to see a difference in my skin that I had never seen before! For the first time my face just felt so even and plump. Everyone's been saying 'glass skin' on TikTok and I thought it was impossible, but then I found the Brightening Serum... I felt like it was the first product that actually gave me a glass skin finish! This is the one product that changed my life."

The Bentonite Eraser Clay was the next product she introduced into her routine, which helped to reduce her breakouts and clogged pores. Once those were cleared up, she swapped her mask treatment to the Illuminating Rose Clay which smoothed the texture left behind from her acne, and the Turmeric Serum to fade leftover scarring.

We are blown away by Farah's story and incredible results. We asked her if she had any extra tips or tricks to share with us that she swears by.

"I don't touch my face unless I've washed my hands and I know there's no bacteria on my hands. Working in healthcare, you realise how much our hands have touched dirty places and how much it can affect your skin. So I never touch my face or pick my skin, I just let the products work for themselves!"

Hygiene is of the upmost importance when it comes to skincare. Especially if you have oily and acne-prone skin, this tip could be a game-changer for you!

To wrap up our lovely afternoon chat with Farah, she had some advice to share with anyone out there who may be suffering from similar skin concerns and are starting to lose hope...

"It's normal, don't be scared. There's always something out there that's for your skin type that can help you. Just don't be scared to take that next step and never lose hope. You might think nothing's going to help, but you just need to have hope, and patience. Patience is key - don't expect results straight away because if you want long-term results you need to be patient." 


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