"Purging lasted for 1 week, the results were so worth it!"

Megan's journey with Retinol and purging.

Retinol Night Cream


Name: Megan
Skin Concerns:
Texture | Breakouts | Uneven Tone | Pores
Favourite Product:
Retinol Night Cream with Bakuchiol

Morning Routine: Purifying Face Wash & Gel Moisturiser
Evening Routine:
Salicylic Pads, Niacinamide Serum & Retinol Cream

Top Tip: "Retinol purging can be scary at first, but it only lasts a few days and the results are so worth it. Push on through and you'll get the results!" 


This week, we had a lovely chat with Megan who had been trialling our improved Retinol Cream before it was released. We have upgraded the Retinol to a better quality and strength, and added Bakuchiol to stabilise and enhance the benefits.


I was so excited to hear that my favourite Retinol Cream from BaseLift was going to be improved even more! I was especially interested in the Bakuchiol that was added. I couldn't wait to trial it and see how the results compared!” 


Megan suffered from textured skin, including bumps and pores. She had frequent breakouts, and as a result it left uneven skin tone and marks. Megan looked into the effects of Retinol purging before using the moisturiser to learn a bit more about how this night-time treatment works. After Megan started using the new and improved Retinol Cream, as predicted she did experience the temporary purging. This was a great sign, as it meant the Retinol was working its magic. 


“The first week of using the Retinol Cream, my breakouts worsened. But I knew this was just temporary purging and not a bad reaction! I stuck with using it every single night, and it all cleared up within a week! I couldn't believe what came next...” 


This is incredible to hear! Purging can be a really scary concept, but it is essential to achieve those results, and is important to stick through this temporary period to be able to see the incredible results of Retinol. Purging happens when you start to use an active ingredient. Your skin may appear worse for a few days, but this is actually a good sign! It shows the product is working, and it is increasing your skin cell turnover to purge all of the congestion out of your skin and pores.


"Once the purging cleared up, my skin was looking visibly improved already. I continued using the Retinol Cream every night, and my skin's progress just kept getting better and better! One month into using, and my skin concerns have almost disappeared like magic. I now go foundation-free and feel confident in my skin again!" 


"Even though the purging is a bit worrying at the time, remember that it means the product is working for you. Do some research on purging so you understand the process, and stick through it to see the amazing results!"


Please Note: Retinol is a long-term treatment, and consistent use is required to see results. As everyone's skin differs, please allow up to 6 weeks of daily use to see visible results of Retinol, and up to 6 months to see the full effects.

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