"Nothing is going to change unless you do something about it!"

Misbah's battle of trial and error to fade her acne and scarring.

Illuminating Rose Clay & Brightening Serum

Name: Misbah
Skin Concerns: 
Acne | Scarring | Indentation | Hyperpigmentation | Marks
Favourite Products: 
Illuminating Rose Clay & Brightening Serum

Top Tip: "Speak to a dermatologist first to find out what the exact issue is, and don't be scared to try a few different things to find out what works for your skin!"

Misbah was one of the first people we reached out to as part of our new Transformation Diaries blog, to share her story with you all. At 19 she struggled with acne which made her feel “ugly”.

“I used to cover my face and try and hide behind the thickest foundation. I was in uni at the time, so I struggled a lot with self-esteem issues. A lot of people would say- oh it will eventually go, it’s superficial, it will be okay. But going through that has been very hard for me. I felt like I had tried it all and could not see any improvements. It was very frustrating!” 

After finally finding the right treatment for her skin, and being on roaccutane, Misbah was left with very deep indentation from years of scarring. She felt like she had holes in her face and was desperately trying to find a solution to smooth her skin and finally achieve clear skin.

She discovered and started using BaseLift products only 3 months ago, and within the first month started noticing drastic changes! Since then, she’s had less breakouts, unclogged pores and an overly improved skin texture. She decided to start her very own YouTube channel as a way of helping out people who went through the same issues as her by reviewing skincare products!

“Just accept that this is your skin and you can do something about it. It is not a dead end, and if it is affecting your confidence like it did to me, nothing is going to change unless you do something! Make a change yourself, and remember that your skin doesn’t make you who you are.”

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