"Within 3 weeks it was gone, completely gone!"

Nagina's hormonal acne recovery.

Purifying Face Wash, Brightening Serum & Retinol Cream

Name: Nagina
Skin Concerns: 
Acne | Fine Lines
Favourite Products:
 Purifying Face Wash, Brightening Serum & Retinol Cream

Morning Routine: Aloe & Rose Toner and Brightening Serum
Evening Routine:
 Purifying Face Wash, Retinol Cream & Rosehip Oil.

Weekly: Neem & Squalane Mud Mask

Top Tip: Nagina refreshes her skin throughout the day by applying the Aloe & Rose Toner using a spray bottle.        

We had the pleasure of speaking to Nagina this week to discuss her skincare journey. Nagina is a busy mum and teacher. Despite leading a busy life, Nagina thinks its important to spend time on self-care which can look like improving her skincare habits. We couldn’t agree more! 
“Life is very busy and it can be very difficult to fit in a skincare routine, but with BaseLift, instantly I saw the change in my skin. I tried one product then from that one product I tried something else and then another product until eventually it turned into a morning routine and a night routine”
Nagina now sticks to a regular routine with BaseLift to ensure her skincare needs are met consistently. She has a morning, evening and bi-weekly routine with a range of products.
“I’ve been using it on and off for 3 or 4 years but since Covid happened it’s my normal routine now”
Nagina suffered with hormonal acne in her younger years which naturally disappeared at the age of 24. When her acne came back at age 38 this was a shock for her as she wasn’t expecting it. She believes it may have been caused by mask-wearing due to Covid-19. She then started her BaseLift journey once again.
“I’m ageing, my skin’s not going to stay the same. I need to make sure I’m applying the right things to it. I saw the instant changes from what I had from BaseLift, within 3 weeks it was gone, completely gone. I’ve probably got just a little bit of scarring right now and that’s it.”
We are so pleased to hear that our products helped to clear Nagina’s acne in a span of 3 weeks. Nagina admits that her acne sometimes had an affect on her mood and her confidence.
“It can get you down to go out. You think twice about how much makeup to put on… now that I use BaseLift I’m not using foundation anymore. When I was at work, I used to wear foundation every single day… now I just opt for a CC tint.”
Nagina believes the best thing you can do for your skin is to truly understand it to begin with. By knowing your skin type, concerns and what ingredients work for you, you can improve your complexion with ease.
“You need to figure out what kind of skin you’ve got in order for you to use the right stuff!”

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