"I invested in good skincare, and it changed everything..."

Despite using products for 4 years, this one regime change accelerated Rina's results to just 4 months!

Turmeric Face Wash & Turmeric Cream

Name: Rina
Skin Concerns: 
Hyperpigmentation | Dry Skin | Marks
Favourite Products: 
Turmeric Face Wash & Turmeric Cream

Morning Routine: Purifying Face Wash, Aloe & Rose Toner, and Brightening Serum
Evening Routine:
 Turmeric Face Wash, Turmeric Serum, Turmeric Night Cream

Lovely Rina got in touch with us recently, to share her incredible skin transformation which she credits to our new Turmeric range! We were really inspired by her story, and it was a delight to have a chat with her about her BaseLift journey...

Rina is a very active woman who loves going to the gym, gardening, going out with friends, and singing. Rina confides, "I used to be lazy, especially with skincare which she only did once or twice or week! It was when I started doing my skincare daily that I saw results."

She describes her skin pre-transformation as dry, with hyperpigmentation and marks.

"I had very low self esteem. I couldn't go out without makeup, I wasn't very confident, and I was just really sad. I felt like I had lost hope and that there isn't any point in trying- I thought that I was going to live with the acne for the rest of my life. Then I started believing maybe I should start investing into good skincare- I started trying BaseLift, and it changed everything for me"

Rina found out about us four years ago! Rina has stuck by us for a long time, and we are so grateful for her support as our small business has grown over the years. We also admire her dedication to sticking with our products, although she explains that she didn't achieve any results at the time because she wasn't keeping up a proper regime. "I was... lazy shall I say" Rina laughs.

It was only the past 6 months when Rina tried our Turmeric products, when she started sticking to an everyday routine and actually started achieving her results which took around 4 months of consistent use.

"The Turmeric Face Wash was when I saw a massive difference. I used it in the AM and PM routine - this was magic for me. When you have acne-prone skin, cleansing your skin is really really important which is what I realised when I used the Turmeric Face Wash. You need to keep your face clean!"

 "I use everything from BaseLift to be honest!" Rina admits laughing. She lists off the products she uses regularly:

  • Beetroot Oil Cleanser
  • Turmeric Face Wash
  • Purifying Face Wash
  • Salicylic Acid Pads
  • Aloe & Rose Toner
  • Brightening Serum
  • Turmeric Serum
  • Turmeric Night Cream
  • Sea Moss Gel Moisturiser

Aside from finding the right skincare products, we asked Rina for some additional quick-fire tips to help achieve radiant and glowing skin like hers:

"Make sure you do your daily cleanse and moisturise, twice a day AM and PM. Get a good sleeping routine, and drink lots of water. I'm such a water person! I don't really drink fizzy drinks. Also a healthy diet with lots of fruits."

Rina points out that there are a lot of fruit ingredients in the serums we put on our skin, so we should make sure we are also eating them to nourish our skin from both the inside and outside. We love this observation! She also highlights the importance of double-cleansing in her routine...

"My trick is, I use the Beetroot Oil Cleanser and then go in with my chosen second cleanser - either the Turmeric Face Wash or Purifying Face Wash. Your face feels so much brighter and youthful and super-clean! I feel like one wash just isn't enough, now I need 2 washes!"

To finish up, Rina had some advice to share with anyone who has found themselves in a similar situation and is feeling disheartened with their skin concerns:

"Don't give up. Try to do your skincare every day, keep a healthy diet, and as you can see from my results- trust the process, you will definitely see results. To see results, you have to commit yourself to skincare"

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