“I had no idea a serum could help so much!"

Sahibah on how to overcome pimple-picking habits.

Brightening Serum
Skin Concerns : scarring
“I had no idea a serum could help so much!

Name: Sahibah
Skin Concerns: 
Acne Scars | Pimple Picking
Favourite Product:
 Brightening Serum 

Top Tip: Lots and lots of research about one’s skin concerns to be able to make the necessary changes when it comes to a skincare routine and talking to a skin specialist can only be helpful!

We had a very insightful chat with 1st class marketing graduate and beauty blogger Sahibah who taught us about stress triggers which can cause a person to ‘pick at their pimples and skin’. With a mix of sweetness and composure, she told us about her BaseLift journey towards healthier looking skin.

“Throughout my teenage years, I developed this very annoying picking habit. I don’t really know where it came from, but I would always pick at my face, and my pimples even more so if I had a really bad skin breakout. It became so extreme that when the acne would dry out, my face would be left with dark and deep acne marks because of my picking.”

The young lady who has been running her beauty blog sahibahbeauty.com for four years now, went to great lengths to get rid of her picking habit.

"I remember watching this movie where the actress had flawless natural-looking skin, and I thought- this is it! I could have this kind of skin if I brought myself to stop picking at my own face. I took a screenshot of this actress and had it as my phone screensaver! Every time I felt like I wanted to pick at my face and my pimples, I would look at this image to motivate myself not to do it. It helped me a lot and acted as a reference point, and a positive trigger to prevent me from messing with my face.”

Sahibah confides that she isn’t a fan of makeup, and when her acne marks were at their worse, she would try and hide them with heavy makeup which did not really help.

“I always had a skincare routine, which never seemed to fulfil my skin’s needs. I did lots and lots of research about my skin type, and went to see a skin specialist which was very enlightening. They helped me figure out the needs of my skin which helped me to change my makeup, diet and skincare routine. For example, instead of using matte foundation, I know that what best suits my skin now is oil-based or water foundation.”

Sahibah declares that before discovering BaseLift, she was not really aware that there existed a solution for her skin concerns, specifically scars. She found out about our Brightening Serum about a year ago and has been a keen user of this specific product since. She first started using the serum once every two weeks and increased her usage to once a week. The serum is now also part of her daily routine as she uses it as a makeup primer.

“I had no idea a serum could help brighten and hydrate my skin and acne scars so much. The result makes my face look nice and supple.”

For people who suffer from stress triggers that can physically affect their skin and body, Sahibah advises to research those triggers. What is it that causes the distress, how to reverse it, what is your skin type and what products/ingredients are good for it?

“So much information can be found online about skincare, skin types and stress triggers. Stress and negative thoughts are too often taboo but can affect your skin, your body, and slowly destroy you. Talk to someone, and learn about yourself and all the things affecting you. Do not follow all the skincare trends everyone seems to be doing as we are all different and our skin has different needs.”

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