"I can now go out without any makeup!"

Samiyah's answer to eradicating breakouts and scars!

Turmeric Mask & Brightening Serum

Name: Samiyah
Skin Concerns: 
Breakouts | Scarring
Favourite Product:
 Brightening Serum & Turmeric Mask

Daily Routine: Aloe & Rose Toner, Brightening Serum
Weekly Routine:
Bentonite Mask / Rose Clay Mask / Turmeric Mask

"I recommend anyone with breakouts or scarring to use the Brightening Serum, it has helped me gain back my confidence!"

Lovely customer Samiyah reached out to us in our Instagram DMs to share her incredible transformation images with us, and to shower our Brightening Serum with compliments! She told us that she wanted to share her story to help others who may be dealing with similar skin concerns.

"I had acne for a long time, which impacted my confidence to the point where I wouldn't leave the house. I was put on a lot of treatments from the GP, however nothing worked. I found out about BaseLift from Instagram, and I'm so glad I tried it!"

While we always recommend seeking advice from a GP for medical skin concerns such as acne, there is never one set treatment that will work for everyone unfortunately. It's so important to be patient and try different products and ingredients until you find something that works best for you.

"I use a face mask once a week. I have the Bentonite Eraser Clay, Rose Clay, and Turmeric Mask. I've been using the Brightening Serum for a few months, morning and night, after washing my face and before my moisturiser. I also use the Aloe & Rose Toner!"

Samiyah has nailed the perfect routine! Face masks should only be used once per week - if you have different face masks, you can alternate each week depending on what type of treatment your skin is needed. 

"I saw a massive difference within 2 months. I don’t get breakouts anymore. At times I do get a few spots but not a massive breakout. I've been using BaseLift for a few years now, but when I tried the Brightening Serum for my acne it did wonders!"

Aisha's results are a testimony to "trust the process"! Two months is definitely a reasonable time period to start achieving results, and can even take up to six months. Patience and consistency is key, and seeing a product through to the last drop instead of giving up after a few uses!

"The products that really helped my acne and scars were the Brightening Serum and Turmeric Mask. The Brightening Serum has helped a lot with my acne and scarring, and has helped me gain back my confidence. I can now go out without any makeup or having to worry about my scars or spots!"

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