"I took photos every week to document my progress with BaseLift products!"

Sharmin's journey with rosacea and acne marks.

Illuminating Rose Clay

Name: Sharmin
Skin Concerns: 
Acne | Redness | Breakouts | Marks
Favourite Products: 
Aloe & Rose Toner and Illuminating Rose Clay

Morning Routine: Aloe & Rose Toner
Evening Routine:
 Illuminating Rose Clay

Top Tip: "Allow the toner time to sink into your skin before putting any other products on" 

This week we had a very dynamic and uplifting chat with Sharmin, a very active young woman! Sharmin is a claims handler who enjoys working out out at the gym, going out for long walks, spending time with her family and friends and everything skincare!

“I have sensitive skin, and every 6 months or so I would develop some scars over my lips and chin. I still do not know why this is a recurring breakout and I am trying to figure out why and how. In the last 6 months I had a weird episode of acne too, and I suspect it all to be stress related.”

Sharmin describes herself as a girly girl who understands the importance of skincare, of feeling comfortable in one’s skin, and how going out without makeup can be a confidence-booster!

“If you feel good, you will look good! It’s crazy how sometimes we don’t realise how much all of these factors are connected – your skin concerns, your self-esteem, your confidence and mental health. My skin issues made me feel insecure, terrible.”

Sharmin has recently been diagnosed with rosacea and is under treatment for this condition. She explains how the Super Luminous Aloe and Rose Toner helps to soothe her rosacea by reducing the burning sensation she sometimes feels on her cheeks.

“I also mix my Illuminating Rose Clay with rose water as it calms the itchiness that I experience sometimes. It also feels a lot smoother and better in texture and consistency when mixed with rose water.”

Sharmin admits to having been a BaseLift follower for quite some time, and has now recommended BaseLift products to her mum and all of her friends. She looked into the products, the reviews and researched her own skin type and concerns before taking the BaseLift leap of faith.

“I could not be happier with this decision. My mum is now a regular BaseLift user too, and it took 4-5 weeks for me to witness changes in my skin’s appearance. My marks and spots as you can see from the images are all gone. I took photos each week to document the progress of my skin with BaseLift products!”

Every Wednesday or Thursday, Sharmin has a BaseLift home pampering session with her Rose Clay mask and Rose Toner. She sometimes uses the Bentonite Oil-Eraser Clay if she feels that her skin needs an in-depth detoxing and cleansing.

“Patience is key, and there is no need to be embarrassed about the appearance of your skin. Rose water works wonders for people with sensitive skin like me and I cannot recommend mixing it with the BaseLift Illuminating Rose Clay enough!” 

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