"I started noticing a difference after a week of use!"

Tamanna's golden product combination for keeping breakouts under control.

Turmeric Toner & Rose Toner
Skin Concerns : breakouts | redness

Name: Tamanna
Skin Concerns: 
Breakouts | Redness
Favourite Product: 
Anything with turmeric or rose!

Skincare Routine: Purifying Face Wash, Rose or Turmeric Toner, Brightening Serum, Rosehip & Marula Oil

Top Tip: "Have a routine and stick to it rather than giving up" 

This week we spoke to lovely Tamanna who had reached out to us to share her incredible skincare transformation with BaseLift products. Tamanna is a long-term user of our products and has stuck with us for a long time!

"My first BaseLift order was placed in July 2020, so three years I have been committed to BaseLift now! I found BaseLift through an influencer who was always using the products, so I thought it would be worth a try to see if it helps my skin."

Tamanna explains that she had been suffering from breakouts which came out of nowhere, and she couldn't work out why.

"I had a lot of spots coming out which were taking over my face! I felt really sad - I never used to get spots like this and wasn't sure what had changed to cause them."

Tamanna used a combination of our products to start achieving her results, which we commend. Each skincare step produces different functions to work toward your skin goals, so just relying on one product may not produce the huge results you are after.

"The first products I tried were the Kaolin Face Wash, Rose Toner, Brightening Serum and Rosehip Oil. I have been using the products for three years now, but I started noticing a difference after a week of use because the redness from my breakouts was reducing!"

 We asked Tamanna to share her tips and tricks for using BaseLift products that may have contributed to her skincare successes...

"I'm more of a morning routine person, and alternate between the Turmeric Toner and Rose Toner each day. The cleansers and toners were definitely the most effective for me and evened out my skin tone. I also like to use an ice roller after applying the Rosehip & Marula Oil instead of rubbing it in with my fingers."

We love the idea of alternating between products! Toning twice in one routine would be counter-productive, but if you have two products for the same step you can definitely alternate between routines so you can reap the amazing benefits of both formulas.

"I have to say, the products with rose and turmeric in have worked wonders on my skin. I am trying the Glycolic Acid & Watermelon Radiance Mask as well, so lets see in a few months what difference I see in my skin..."

To wrap up our short but sweet chat with Tamanna, she had some advice to share for those who are going through a similar situation with their skin concerns.

"Have a skincare routine and stick to it. Even if you miss a day or two, just get back into the routine again instead of giving up. You will see a difference in your skin with time!"


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