"My confidence is coming back!"

Tara's story to achieving a clear complexion.

Rosehip & Marula Oil

Name: Tara

Skin Concerns: Breakouts | Redness | Hyperpigmentation
Favourite Product: 
Rosehip & Marula Oil

Morning Routine: Cleansing Balm, Aloe & Rose Toner and Brightening Serum
Evening Routine:
 Purifying Face Wash, Retinol Night Cream & Rosehip Oil 

Weekly: Illuminating Rose Clay

Top Tip: "Use a pea-size amount of the Brightening Serum to avoid the product building up too much when you moisturise. A little of this product goes a long way!" 


This week, we decided to get in touch with Tara to ask her a few questions about her skincare transformation. Tara works in the culinary industry and enjoys going to the gym, visiting the cinema and restaurants. She suffered redness, hyperpigmentation and regular breakouts.


“Family support was the main thing for me. They were always saying to me ‘don’t worry Tara, this is not going to last forever, just keep going, keep trying’. It really affects your self-esteem – before I had acne, I never had any trouble, and then as soon as it hit me in my 20s that’s when the trouble began.”


We agree with Tara’s family, it’s always best to keep going on your skincare journey! Finding what is right for your skin and being consistent with this means you can completely turn your skin around. Tara felt she had tried everything, including visiting professionals.


“I went to the doctors and they prescribed me creams, antibiotics, and literally nothing was working.”

Tara then came across us on her Instagram Explore Page. She decided to take the plunge and invest in some BaseLift skincare products.


“I messaged BaseLift a couple of times just to double check that I’m using the right products, and I always find out something new!”


Tara began to see changes in her skin within just one month of using BaseLift. Her breakouts started clearing up and she felt she could express herself and her passion for makeup once again.


“I used to have my hair down because it covered my cheeks, but now I don’t… I’ve started to enjoy makeup again, when I had acne and used to wear makeup, I felt like it didn’t look right so I didn’t want to wear it. I kind of lost myself, and I didn’t take pride in myself. But now all of that is coming back slowly, my confidence is coming back”


It wasn’t just Tara who saw the difference, the people who know Tara began to notice the changes in her skin and her confidence too.


“My family said ‘oh your skin’s getting better, whatever you’re doing keep it up’. And when I went back to work after Covid, everyone was like ‘your skin is glowing!’” 


We are so pleased to hear this. Our main aim has always been to offer quality skincare to our customers which helps to improve their skin’s health and their confidence! Tara recommends continuing with your skincare journey to see results and researching online to learn more about your needs. 


“Be consistent, no matter how many times you want to give up, you just have to carry on. Even though it might take a while, you’re going to get there in the end! Make sure you read all the products online that are matched to your skin concerns.”

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