"A year or so down the line, I now have a glow I am very proud of!"

Zafreen's favourite product for controlling hormonal breakouts.

Bentonite Oil-Eraser Clay
Skin Concerns : breakouts

Name: Zafreen*
Skin Concerns: 
Hormonal Acne | Spots & Breakouts | Irritation
Favourite Product: 
Bentonite Oil-Eraser Clay

Daily Routine: Brightening Serum & Retinol Night Cream
Evening Routine:
 Bentonite Oil-Eraser Clay

Top Tip: "Consistency is the key to clear and healthy skin!"

This week we would like you all to meet 19-year-old student Zafreen*. Like a lot of girls her age, Zafreen enjoys learning new makeup skills, beauty products, and little adventures.

“I am a daily makeup wearer! In the top 3 of things I love the most, I would have to say: makeup, food, and beaches. Turkish cuisine is my fave, but I think nothing beats a meal at Nando’s! Living in London makes it hard to go on beachy or countryside adventures, but I do love a getaway at Brighton Pier. Around nature I feel like I get let go of all my worries and be myself.”

Zafreen has been suffering from hormonal breakouts since 2018. Hormonal stress would flare up her acne, causing breakouts on her cheeks and forehead. The use of skincare products which did not suit her skin made the situation worse and irritated her skin.

“I was still in high school when it all happened and it made me very insecure. I wanted to hide in a bubble and did not want to go to school. I used to wear makeup every day to try and cover my face as much as possible. Obviously, makeup only made the matter worse.”

Having the strong support and encouragement of her family and friends, Zafreen decided on an end of year resolution in 2018. She was determined to achieve clear skin by researching her skin concerns, suitable products and a healthy diet. She started by reducing her skincare product collection and took advantage of a BaseLift sale to start her new skin diet.

“Like most people, I found out about BaseLift on social media. I was very confident with my purchase thanks to all of the great BaseLift reviews I found on TrustPilot, Instagram and on the BaseLift website.”

Zafreen’s spots have now completely disappeared thanks to the Bentonite Oil-Eraser Clay which she uses once a week. She suffered from stubborn acne scars which have now faded.

“A year or so down the line, I now have an even out skin tone, healthy skin and a glow I am very proud of! I had to be patient, as my results did not occur overnight. For someone who wears makeup a lot, my BaseLift product really helps my skin breathe and recover. It is important to be patient, consistent and to know your skin inside out. Remember that branded or hyped up products does not mean they will automatically work for you. Products suitable for your skin type and skin concerns will definitely bring the results you are waiting for.”

  *name has been modified

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