Goodbye ‘Maskne’, Hello Glowing Skin!

Goodbye ‘Maskne’, Hello Glowing Skin!

Maskne is when the continual use of face-coverings causes you to get pesky mouth, cheek and chin spots. It can look somewhat like acne and causes similar irritation.


The reality of maskne and how we can combat it!

The reality of face-coverings is that a lot of us are suffering from skin breakouts; specifically, mouth and chin spots. It looks like wearing face-coverings is here to stay, so there are key actions we can take to make sure we combat maskne and help our skin continue to thrive!

So, why do masks lead to skin breakouts?

Clogged pores! The reason your skin breaks out after long periods of wearing a mask is due to your pores being unable to breathe. As many of us know, clear pores lead to clear, glowing skin. This means that inevitably, clogged pores lead to breakouts. Face-coverings create a physical friction to the surface of the skin which then leads to micro-tears. These small, skin-damages create an easy access point for dirt and oil to enter the deeper layers of the skin, in turn, creating clogged pores. Although this is not entirely avoidable, there are some ways to help fight the issues caused by clogged pores.

Continue reading to uncover our top tips to fighting mouth, cheek and chin spots!


 Wash your mask and wash your face.

It’s no surprise that cleaner skin means clearer skin. In order to avoid breakouts, we recommend starting with a clean base. By cleansing and moisturising your skin every morning, there will be less dirt and oil on the skin to begin with. This will help with avoiding clogged pores.

Reusable face-coverings have been an environmentally-friendly, money-saving miracle. It has saved us from having to buy a new pack every week. As great as they are, they do have their downfalls. Even the best face-coverings carry a lot of germs and bacteria with extensive use. After breathing into your mask for long periods of time, it can be expected that the face-covering is not going to be the most hygienic. This will transfer dirt and oil into your pores. By handwashing your mask more frequently, you are saving yourself from some serious breakouts!


Clay Masks  

Products that work to clear the pores are your new best friend. Sticking consistently to using one or more products that do this will help enormously with avoiding future skin breakouts. We love our Indian Eraser and Illuminating Rose Clay Masks.  They work wonders by extracting oil and dirt from the pores whilst also minimising their appearance. Consistently using a clay mask once a week will aid in tackling maskne once and for all.

We recommend using the Indian Eraser Clay for oilier, acne-prone skin types and the Illuminating Rose Clay for drier, more sensitive skin types.



Avoid comedogenic ingredients

Comedogenic ingredients are pore-clogging elements that can lead to acne. They are found in a few make up and skincare products. We recommend avoiding the use of products with these ingredients directly underneath face-coverings as they are likely to create breakouts! Our daily-use products, such as the Brightening Serum and the Super-Luminous Aloe and Rose Toner, contain no proven comedogenic ingredients – making these products the perfect part of your skincare routine for use under face-coverings.


Introducing our BaseLift Face-Covering!

The best face-coverings in avoiding maskne are ones made of soft fabric. That’s because they create the most comfortable-wear and lower the amount of friction on the skin. This is why the BaseLift face covering is made of soft, wearable material (Polyester 92%, Polyurethane 8%). Another important factor is ensuring that the covering fits you well. We have created a face-covering that sits comfortably on the face without restricting movement of the mouth and chin area, leading to less mouth and chin spots.

We asked our Insta and Snapchat followers which design they liked best and created ours based on this feedback. The black design is sure to suit your everyday wardrobe!

They’re priced at £5.99 individually but we are also giving them away FREE with orders over £50. Make sure to tag us @baseliftofficial when your face-coverings arrive!

Remember to stay safe, wear a mask and stay consistent with your skincare!