"I use the Brightening Serum every day before bed - I cannot live without it!”

Masuma's secret to clear skin...

Brightening Serum
Skin Concerns : scarring

Name: Masuma
Skin Concerns: 
Acne Scarring
Favourite Product: 
Brightening Serum

Evening Routine: Brightening Serum
Weekly Routine:
 Bentonite Oil-Eraser Clay

Top Tip: "Apply the serum to your neck too, and I only apply the mask to the problematic areas of my face." 


During Ramadan, we had a chat with 18-year-old Masuma who shared little pieces of her life, skin concerns and BaseLift experience with us. Masuma finished sixth form this year, and is waiting for her Child Nursing university course to begin. She enjoys baking, applying henna, makeup and skincare.

“Ramadan felt like it has gone really quick this year and it has been easy as we have all been at home. I am looking forward to dressing up for Eid and seeing my grandma – within the rules of social distancing of course. We will be having a BBQ in the garden with my family and I can’t wait. Lockdown has not been an enjoyable experience at all for me, it has been quite confusing and I am still unsure about how I feel about it all.”

Masuma has been suffering from the odd spot and pimples for years which resulted in scarring as she could not stop picking at them for years.

“I have always felt quite awkward about the state of my skin, about other people seeing them, and how it seemed like it would not end. When I was 15, I had quite a lot of spots and they always made me self-conscious and uncomfortable.”

Masuma came across BaseLift on social media and has seen a massive difference in her skin ever since. She has been using BaseLift products for 4 months now and is a fan of the new packaging.

“I love it all! The Brightening Boost Serum is one of my skincare essentials - I love the way it makes my face feel and look! I also use the Bentonite Eraser Clay Mask once a week at night times, but I use the serum every day before bed. I cannot live without it!”

Masuma, who started seeing significant changes after a month of consistent use, advises that one should not be afraid to:

“Let your skin out, bare, let it breath. The most difficult thing is learning to accept it, no matter what it looks like. Do not let the opinions of others be more important than yours, and the way you feel about your skin. Remember, you are not alone going through this.”

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