"Within 3-4 weeks, I saw a massive difference in my skin!"

Saira's secret to radiant skin.

Turmeric Mask & Brightening Serum

Name: Saira | @saira.noordin
Skin Concerns: 
Hyperpigmentation | Dry Skin | Dark Circles
Favourite Products: 
Turmeric Mask, Brightening Serum, & Retinol Cream

Morning Routine: Aloe & Rose Toner & Brightening Serum
Evening Routine:
 Aloe & Rose Toner, Niacinamide Serum, Retinol Night Cream & Rosehip Oil

Top Tip: "Nobody will see results overnight, hence why it’s important to keep using the products daily. Use small amount of products, a little goes a long way."


This week, we had a lovely chat with Saira about her amazing skincare transformation! Saira works in security, and has a keen interest in skincare and dancing. Her main skin concerns were hyperpigmentation around her month, dark circles due to lack of sleep, and bumpy uneven skin texture.


“I tried to do home remedies and tried so many products but nothing was working for me. I felt very self conscious & wasn’t confident without makeup. I would always wear makeup to hide the hyperpigmentation because I didn’t feel comfortable.”


Saira found out about us through Instagram; she came across our profile and saw our positive reviews and feedback. Saira has now been using our products in a daily routine for 4 years now, along with the Turmeric & Papaya Mask once per week.


The Brightening Serum and Retinol Cream were my first two baselift products. They will always be the unforgettable products because they boosted up my confidence and I felt beautiful in my own skin.


Previously, Saira had tried dieting and drinking more water to help with her skin, however she found that it didn't entirely solve her skin concerns until trying BaseLift products. We were so happy to hear that she is now receiving lots of compliments about her skin!


“The Brightening Serum really helped, it brought a glow and radiance to my skin. It really brightened up my skin. The Retinol Cream is magical because my skin tone became even without any hyperpigmentation. My skin texture become so smooth, and my skin felt really hydrated!”


We asked Saira to give some advice for those who are going through similar skin concerns:


“Consistency is the key, you have to invest time and effort. Nobody will see results after night hence it’s important to keep using the products daily. Don’t give up, do some research and find what’s best for you! Know your skin type, concerns and find out what ingredients is best for your skin!”


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