"Stick to the products that work for you, like BaseLift did for me!"

Su's one-month skincare transformation...

Brightening Serum

Name: Su | @beyouwithsu
Skin Concerns: 
Scarring | Hyperpigmentation
Favourite Product: 
Brightening Serum

Daily Routine: Brightening Serum
Weekly Routine:
 Bentonite Oil-Eraser Clay 

Top Tip: "Being consistent with one’s skincare routine will definitely bring the changes your skin needs"  

Su, a full time accountancy student obsessed with everything skincare, launched her skincare and makeup Instagram page this year. On @beyouwithsu you will find skincare advice, makeup tips, the different skin treatments Su trials. You will also stumble upon motivational posts that make you feel like you can conquer the world! Trust us- we certainly did!

Out of her very busy schedule doing what she loves, studying full-time and working, Su still managed to spare a few minutes to tell us about her BaseLift experience and skincare journey.

“I suffer from acne scarring and hyperpigmentation. With the pressure of social media these days, I felt like I was constantly comparing myself to models and influencers on Instagram. The pressure to be pretty, to feel like I had to wear makeup every day, to fit into certain beauty standards imposed by the industry, and bombarded across social media platforms can not only be draining but also severely affect one’s self-esteem. At some point I just got sick of it all, and realised that there are different ways of enjoying skincare, makeup and fashion. I just thought, this is your skin, you cannot remove it, and you do not need foundation all day every day! Just embrace it!”

Su confides that it was not the easiest thing to do, but she has been happier ever since. She states:

“Natural, makeup-free skin is not perfect and we need to realise that a lot of influencers already have clear skin. I researched about skincare routines and treatments online and this is how I came across BaseLift on Instagram. I wanted to find real people who had achieved real noticeable results!”

Su is an everyday user of the Brightening Boost Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin C Serum. She loves how the serum just instantly sinks into her skin, leaving it glowy, soft and healthy-looking. Once a week, Su consistently sticks to the same routine of cleansing, toning, applying her Bentonite Oil-Eraser Clay,  and finishing with her favourite; the Brightening Serum. She started getting visible results from this routine after a month only, and has been a BaseLift user for over 6 months.

“I cannot believe how confident I am today, because I love my skin- with and without makeup! The trick is to be patient, consistent and stick to the products that work for you, like BaseLift did for me!”

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