Transformation Diaries

Name: Salma

Skin Concerns: Acne breakouts and stress acne made worse by wrong choice of product, weather conditions and personal issues

Fave BaseLift products: Magic Eraser Kit 

Skincare routine: Salma uses her Magic Eraser Kit once a week at night time

Top tip: Salma advises that derma rolling too many times on same spot may be painful and cause redness, what works best for her sensitive skin are perpendicular motions; up, down and sideways to prep her skin for the application of the BaseLift serum

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Name: Masuma

Skin Concerns: Acne Scarring 

Fave BaseLift products: The Brightening Boost Serum

Skincare routine: Masuma uses the Brightening Boost Serum every night before bed time, and the 0.5mm Derma Roller, Indian Eraser Clay and the Serum as part of a weekly routine

Top tip: She uses the Brightening Boost Serum on her neck too and applies her mask on the problematic areas of her face only

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Name: Chloe

Skin Concerns: Acne scars, allergic reactions to some skincare products which caused redness and blemishes

Fave BaseLift products: The GlowUp Kit

Skincare routine: Chloe uses the GlowUp Kit once a week

Top tip: Always sanitise your Derma Roller, straight on the roller’s head and not on your face. Chloe also likes a really thick Clay Mask consistency as according to her “it really gets to my pores when layered”

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Name: Nisha

Skin Concerns: PCOS syndrome causing various skin concerns

Fave BaseLift products: The Brightening Boost Serum

Skincare routine: Nisha uses the BaseLift Serum and Cream everyday, the Indian Eraser Clay twice a week, and the 0.5 Derma Roller twice a month

Top tip: Rose water and witch hazel in toner

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