Transformation Diaries

Name: Misbah

Skin Concerns: Struggled with acne since she was 19 which resulted in years of acne scarring, indentation, pigmentation, dark spots

Fave BaseLift products: 0.5 Derma Roller, Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C serum, Indian Eraser clay mask and Limited Glowup Bundle

Skincare routine: Misbah uses the pink clay face mask before derma rolling, after her derma rolling session, she uses a thick moisturiser or a light serum which will not clog her pores

Top tip: In Misbah’s opinion, one should speak to a dermatologist first to find out what the exact issue is and should not be scared to try a few different things to find out what works for their skin.

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Name: Nayaab

Skin Concerns: Acne

Fave BaseLift products: Indian Eraser Clay

Skincare routine: Nayaab uses the Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C serum every morning and the Youth Boosting Retinol cream every night before bed. She also uses the Indian Eraser Clay mask followed by the Retinol Cream once a week

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