Turmeric Tone Correct 3-Step Routine
Turmeric Tone Correct 3-Step Routine
Turmeric Tone Correct 3-Step Routine

Turmeric Tone Correct 3-Step Routine

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What am I?
A skincare trio to transform dull and discoloured skin, aimed at those who have the goal of achieving an even and brightened complexion. This kit provides the essential daily cleanse and moisturise steps, with the addition of a weekly face mask treatment.

What included?
+ Turmeric & Niacinamide Foam Wash 150ml
Turmeric & Papaya Mask 50ml
Turmeric & Lactic Acid Night Cream 50ml

Ingredient Technology
This daily cleanser’s tone-corrective properties come from our blend of Saffron and 4% Licorice Root, which work together to inhibit tyrosinase activity and production of melanin, to treat and prevent hyperpigmentation. The face mask primarily targets hyperpigmentation using traditional remedy Turmeric Root, which delivers ‘curcumin’ to the skin to reduce excess melanin production and control formation of melanin clusters (hyperpigmentation). This formula also utilises the method of exfoliation to fade discolouration, using Papaya Extract to slough away dead skin cells and leave skin looking brightened and revitalised. 
Our night cream formula combines exfoliation and melanin-inhibiting properties to enhance skin tone and brighten the complexion. Lactic Acid, known as an alpha-hydroxy-acid, exfoliates by dissolving the bonds that hold dull cells to the skin’s surface, resulting in a more radiant and even complexion. 2% Alpha Arbutin is used to suppress melanin activity in the skin, decreasing unwanted pigment from occurring which would otherwise lead to hyperpigmentation.

Extra Details
🌙 Evening PM
⏰ The face wash and cream can be used daily. The mask can be used 1-2 times per week.

Please see individual links above for full details about each product, including shelf life.

Turmeric Cloud Face Wash:

Turmeric & Papaya Mask:

Turmeric & Lactic Acid Cream:

1. Pump a small amount of face wash into palms.

2. Massage onto wet skin in circular motions.

3. Rinse off excess with water or a damp face cloth.

4. Apply a generous layer of face mask onto skin, avoiding the eye area.

5. Leave for 10-15 minutes.

6. Wash away with warm water and pat dry.

7. Apply cream evenly across face and neck, and gently massage into the skin.

🐰 Cruelty-Free

🌱 Vegan

🇬🇧 Formulated in the UK

🚫 Free from alcohols, parabens, paraffins, sulphates, chemicals, perfume, SLS/SLES, synthetic dyes

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